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Marketing is nothing without sales

In 2017 we launched Samba Rock iLab (the Innovation Lab), Samba Rock’s technology arm, with focus on e-commerce development, website development, mobile applications and innovation. Samba Rock iLab is one of the first official partners and certified resellers of the VTEX cloud-based e-commerce platform in the US. The iLab‘s first clients include Grendene’s Zaxy shoes and Cartago sandals (websites to be released in November and December).

What is VTEX?

VTEX is a cloud-based e-commerce platform with 17 years of experience, more than 200 employees, located in 10 countries in America and Europe. More than 2,000 stores where implemented using the VTEX platform. VTEX websites are natively responsive and mobile ready. VTEX continuous delivers and rolls upgrades with no downtime (more than 8,000 deploys in 2016).

What changes when you change to VTEX

Companies that switched to the VTEX e-commerce platform saw an increase in their Marketing leads (30% more traffic), 54% increase in their Conversion Rate (thanks to VTEX’s usability, catalog and pricing tools), not mentioning a 25% increase in approved orders thanks to its SmartCheckout technology, and a growth of 4% on the Average Order Value (AOV).

Organic Traffic
Conversion Rate
Approved Orders
Average Order Value

Service orientated architecture with +40 independents systems running in more the 500 Amazon Servers (AWS), all integrated with APIs.


A password free environment that allows the customer to finish the purchase in a single page in less than 1 minute – in average it increases in 28% the revenue.

Unified commerce concept

The same e-commerce website can be customizable for B2B and B2C with different logins and content.


Inventory, Warehouses and Carries can be customized and linked to provide a better experience to the customer and buyers.

Catalog Management

Videos, photos, texts and much more to showcase your products in the best way possible.

Order Management System

Track every order to understand your customer’s preferences and monitor all shopping process.


Create promotions, sales, price lists, prices according to customer clusters and much more with the capability of tagging to track each one of them.

Open API's

Capability to integrate with any solution available for B2B, B2C and creating your own marketplace.

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