Samba is creativity. Rock is innovation.

Samba Rock is a hybrid of creative shop, marketing strategy consulting firm and technology company; the perfect balance between innovation and results-driven strategy. Think of it as an extension of your team, a way to augment your brand position and exceed your company goals.

We have a lean structure and an extensive network of talents in a varied set of skills,
which allows us to tailor our solutions to each client’s objectives.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Flavor + Fashion

We have great experience working with CPG, specially in the food and beverage industry (Iberia Foods, Conchita Foods, Bauducco Foods, Black Fire Steakhouse, etc.) and fashion (Grendene with its brands Rider and Cartago Sandals and Zaxy Jelly Shoes).

Foreign brands in US

New arrivals

Our main expertise is to work with foreign large companies that recently arrived in the American market and need help to navigate this very competitive environment, with the objective of growing their presence in the US.

Digital / social / mobile first

Innovation at the core

Samba Rock is an integrated agency born in the digital era. That’s why we understand the importance of thinking digital / social / mobile first, generating engagement between our client’s customers and their brand.

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Communication is a 2-way road: the goal is to facilitate consumer engagement with the brands.


The world is constantly changing, so it’s imperative to innovate on the way we communicate with customers.


Solutions tailored to clients’ needs. There’s no more “above” or “below” the line: the line is gone.


The opinion of a trusted source is worth more than an ad. We work with selected influencers and brand ambassadors to spread the word.

We don't differentiate online and offline

Breaking the line

At Samba Rock we determine a goal, we plan the way to get there and we use all the tools available to make it happen, no matter if the solutions live online, offline, above or bellow the line.